While formal education teaches hard-skills, the quantifiable and substantive skills. Polishing The Professional teaches soft-skills, the immeasurable talents which are intrinsic and fundamental to success. These traits are among the top reasons most people are terminated, can’t get ahead or can’t get in the door in the first place. Polishing The Professional offers a variety of products and services to help clients succeed in their respective careers. To learn how we can help your career, choose from the list of services below that best meets your needs and complete the requested form.

1:1 Coaching Group Training Seminars Webinars | E-Learning
Individual Consulting Group Consulting Seminars Webinars
One on one coaching is for participants who require flexibility,  need more attention or simply prefer the personalized services. Training services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our most flexible and intensive training program.

For 2 to 50 participants, group training provides greater accessibility to this valuable training. The training cost per participant decreases, the larger the group. In addition, you will enjoy the camaraderie and support of your peers while learning and enhancing your professional life.

Designed for groups of 51 or more, this presentation is an excellent program for employers who require staff training, large groups and membership programs who want to offer something special for members of their organizations.

We understand the needs of busy professionals and the importance of providing services in accessible and optional learning platforms. Whether on the go, or simply prefer to train from the comfort of your home or desks, PTP offers virtual training to accommodate your demanding schedule.