Professional Athletes

Athletes have a very unique career challenge in that for many years, they’ve achieved success as a professional in their respective fields. And just when most professionals are just beginning to leverage their contributions and connections in their careers, a professional athlete is completely starting over in a new career and likely, a new industry.

Now the personal re-branding must begin. No longer can you simply be seen as the star athlete you’ve become known as and worked so hard to achieve. You must strike a careful balance between, you the former star athlete and the new professional, in your new career. The key is to start working towards the transition before it begins, but it’s never too late to start over.

Olden pool table

We have helped countless professional athletes transition into their new careers. Learn how Former NBA Star Olden Polynice transitioned to his new career as a business owner & Haitian Ambassador. Olden recalls, “When I first retired from the NBA, the transition was numbing. I didn’t even know how to draft a resume or what direction to turn. It wasn’t that I wasn’t intelligent, I am. I was an English Major in college, speak three languages, but I never had to create a resume to get into college, I was scouted. I didn’t have to create a resume to get a job either, I was drafted to the NBA and played professional sports for 17 years. Then, it was all over and just like that, I had to figure out what to do and I had to start from scratch. But I had a great support team and Davina on my side, and here I am today, success in progress.”

Whether you’re a retired athlete or current player, preparation is key and Polishing The Professional can help. We can work with you privately one-to-one or in groups in our rookie training symposium. We can design programs which meet your organizational goals as well as your player development needs. To request more information, please complete the interest form which best meets your needs. 1) one-to-one training for athletes or 2) rookie training for teams, leagues and groups.