Executive Suite

While you might not need to learn how to get a job or get ahead, you very well may need to learn how to better relate to your audience. As a Chapman University Organizational Leadership alumni, our CEO Davina Douthard, knows what it takes to help executives reach their audience by crafting the right image to effect positive change and move their organizations in the direction they desire.

Transformational leaders develop followers into leaders, elevate the concerns of the followers, inspire followers to go beyond their own self-interest for the good of the team and clearly paints a vision of a desired future state and communicates it in a way that makes change worth the effort. While this is by far, in our opinion, the best type of leader, it’s certainly not the only way to effectively lead.

Regardless of the style of leadership you prefer, everything you say and do, how you look, the way you dress and what and how you communicate your message, directly impacts the outcome. So whether your needs are to better articulate your vision through looking the part or acting the part, we can help you reach your goals through executive coaching. For more information complete this interest form.

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