Davina Douthard Foundation, Inc. is the sister organization to Davina Douthard, Inc. and is a non-profit, 501C3 agency, which aims to help youth and adults with limited accessibility, gain the confidence and skills needed to reach their full potential. Through programs which foster self-esteem, career and personal growth, we provide services and support’s which aims to improve their quality of life.
DDF offers the following services:

  • Davina’s Angels® provide in-kind services and donation to individuals and community organizations to assist in a variety of capacities related to our mission. Annually, individuals are granted Polishing The Professional training to assist them in achieving their career goals.
  • Davina’s Closet® provides work free and low cost clothing, cosmetics, toiletries & resources to individuals in need so they can successfully return to or excel at work. Monies raised through this charitable effort is used to fund other programs and services which support our mission, visions and values
  • Earth Angel Awards® recognizes individuals who quietly, yet consistently make a difference in the world. These individuals demonstrate care and concern for their fellow human beings and are in essence our Angels on Earth.