Helping Individuals With Barriers Find Work

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Helping Individuals With Barriers Find Work

When you are an individual with barriers and are seeking employment, finding work can often seem like an impossible task. But, as my favorite saying goes, “the impossible is, that which has never been done until someone else does it. Finding work only becomes impossible when you think it is and you fail to take the proper steps to secure employment. The task is the same as it is for everyone else. You have to have the professional development skills expected in the workforce and understand what your barriers are. Once you are clear about that, don’t apply to jobs where your skills or background don’t meet the qualifications. Then follow these three main factors which play a significant role in finding work.


First, you have to have a skill the employer wants to pay you for. Remember, a job is not about you, it’s about the employer who has a task that needs to be completed and they want THE BEST person possible who can do the job. Likewise, the employer is not going to hire you simply for tax credits, they think of it as a bonus if they hire someone with the skills and capabilities to do the job. Employers need the job to be done well.

Second, display good soft skills and demonstrate that you will fit in with the rest of the group. You have to be well-prepared for the interview, study how you will respond to interview questions, dress appropriately  and ensure you are well groomed. The roles  and expectations are the same for someone with employment barriers.” Generally, the interview is the only time most of us will have to demonstrate how well we will fit in with the way that company conducts their business. If you can’t do this and communicate your skills, it’s likely you will not get the job.

Lastly, it is important to be prepared and conduct and organized search. Finding a job is hard work, and it’s a numbers game. The more you work at it the more likely it is you will land the job of your dreams and join the workforce.

Above all, stick to it. Finding work will take some time and remember when the going gets tough, the tough keeps going!


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